January 30, 2012 Team Fin-Nor Day 2

After a great day yesterday, we had high hopes for today.  Victor did not join us today since he had an afternoon flight home so it was just Rob.  The current had slowed so instead of heading south we went north towards the airport.  Our first bite came early in the day when a nice short nose spearfish yanked down the long rigger and never came back for a second look.  Unfortunately this would not be the only fish we miss today.  Soon after we found a nice porpoise school but the fsih were really deep so decided to go back to trolling the ledge.  Just outside the 1000 fathom line we missed either a nice stripey or a small blue marlin.  This time of year the fish tend to cluster in small areas so we continued to work a 2 square mile area around where we missed this fish.  On our next pass just a quarter mile away from the spot we took a double striped marlin bite.  Rob got in the chair and started fighting the first fish.  We had two nice stripeys jumping all around the boat.  One of them eventually came off and we successfully released the other.  I got set up again and we continued pounding the area.  Shortly after we caught a small mahimahi which went into the cooler for dinner.  The fish are definitely starting to show up more and more and should only get better as the full moon gets closer.  Lots of action today but not many to the boat unfortunately but all-in-all it was a great day!

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